The Definition of Insanity


Transformational coaching


    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. In the business and personal coaching  I do with my clients I ask them to take it one step further. Beyond the doing, to examine how you are actually relating to a situation. In other words who are you being in that situation. We all know someone or even have been in the place of wanting to lose weight. The doing required to lose weight is simple, eat less and exercise more.

         Yet most people who go on diets do not lose weight for any length of time. Even people who have had surgery can go back to putting weight on. Why, because who they are being is someone who needs to lose weight or someone who wants to lose weight. If you are being someone who “needs” or “wants” to lose weight your actions will be consistent with needing and wanting it (someone who can’t) not with actually losing weight. In order to lose weight you actually have to be (shift your mindset and think from that you are) someone who is thin now. If you are really holding yourself as a thin person you won’t overindulge. Your lifestyle will become consistent with that of one who is healthy, not one who “needs” to lose weight. If you need to lose weight than you will continue eating in order to remain someone who needs to lose weight.

Transformational coaching method

       We’ve all heard the expression be the change you want to see (please tell me it wasn’t Dr. Phil who said it) well what does all this mean in regards to business, in regards to your life– 1. Take a close look at what you are actually saying it will let you know how you are holding yourself in regards to the challenges in front of you 2. Reframe it so that you are now (this is key) living it. ie I want to be promoted to manager–I am manager now 3. As manager what would your actions be in the situation in front of you In my experience working with businesses when people are promoted they often times still relate to themselves as their past title. It takes looking at yourself from a different perspective  to actually be effective in an area that is new to us or where we weren’t before.

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