What’s In Your Way?

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What gets in the way of us fulfilling an what we say we want in our lives and at work? What derails us time and time again? Often times we think the source of all of this is outside ourselves, the unforeseen circumstance  (or expected result) at work.

People not carrying their share, too much to do, not enough resources. There are two things that derail us in living our dreams. The first is not the existing circumstance that sneaked up on us. Rather what derailed us is the drama we added to the circumstance. Most of spend a lot of time on our thought of how something should be rather than looking at how it is (the facts) and where do I go from here. The minute we draw a conclusion about a circumstance is the minute we get derailed from our intended outcome. The amount of time we spend entertaining our conclusion about a situation (conclusions limit us) keeps us in the drama of the situation. I like to use this acronym for drama, Deluding Reality Against Meaningful Action. When we are in drama we are deluding reality and that is always against us taking meaningful action. 

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The second thing that derails us is discomfort. We love to be comfortable. In life our comfort zone is our danger zone. How many times do you not do what you know needs to get done because it would push you out of comfort. You say you want to lose weight, yet you don’t want to exercise, You don’t like your job, but you’re afraid to look for another one because you might not be good enough to do better. Again, the record we play in our heads keeps us from taking action that would allow us to move forward and have what we want. Time to scratch the record and make a new recording. Here is what I know, although we never know how things will turn out, as long as we are taking actions that align with our commitments there is no such thing as failure. New opportunities  will always open up. It is only you who ever stops you. You can never walk to your greatness, you can only walk away from it.

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