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On March 31-April 2nd, Hollister Institute, a division of Hollister Staffing, hosted its first “Effective Communication 3 Day Series” for fifteen contract employees. Created and facilitated by Francesca Radbill, the event provided participants with awareness and tools that lead to greater communication, productivity and realized potential. As Radbill points out, “It is the people that make this event special. Their willingness to share and their commitment to each other allowed for an incredible 3 days. Quite often we lose sight of our own value and ability to contribute. This program is built to untrain some ways of thinking, patterns and habits that most of us have as a part of who we are.  There is so much untapped potential out there and our goal is to help release it.”

One attendee shared:

“Being new to Boston, the Hollister Seminar, “Effective Communication” was not only highly educational, but also a welcome opportunity to meet professionals from different backgrounds, cultures and age groups. Even though I still find myself realizing that “where I am and where I want to be” can be two different things, I felt elated to be among a group of “emotionally intelligent” individuals.  The sheltered atmosphere (assured privacy) at the Hollister Institute and allowed for authentic emotions to blossom, which may have appeared as initial embarrassment, but, definitely, resulted in empowerment! Empowered to confront oneself with one’s “self-imposed limits”, one’s “inner saboteur”, and the satisfaction of revitalized accountability for one’s thoughts and actions. “Thank you to the Hollister Institute for providing such an opportunity!”


“Recognizing that we are in the middle of one of the largest skills gaps in decades, by offering a program that focuses on personal development and effective communication, we are able to contribute toward strengthening candidate quality and self-assurance”, says Leigh Nicholas, Program Director of the Hollister Institute.


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