Being the Driving Force of Your Life

BEING THE DRIVING FORCE OF YOUR LIFE Have you ever WANTED something so badly that no matter what others said, what your financial situation was or current negating circumstances were YOU made it happen anyway? We have all had that experience yet we attribute it to good luck or coincidence. WHAT IF this could be a possible way to live your life? Where do you DISEMPOWER yourself and your life? Where do you let circumstances, finances and others dictate the course of our life? GET OFF of the default voyage and live the life you were MEANT to live. What could be possible for you if you lived your life from CHOICE rather than chance, CAUSE rather than effect, VICTORY rather than victim . What if there was a way to access the ability to CREATE the life you want on a consistent basis. Join Francesca Radbill in Causation, Being the Driving Force of Your Life, an interactive workshop where you will move beyond the status quo of your life to the powerhouse within.

  • You will identify your gaps 
  • Learn how to apply the 3 conditions of causation, mental, physical and emotional 
  • Clarify intentions 
  • Raise conscious awareness on self-sabotaging behaviors 
  • Use powerfully designed exercises to release energy blocks 
  • You will finish the workshop armed with techniques to design the life you want to live.

“The workshop was amazing.” “I am more self- aware, I am able to access myself in life and the work environment more effectively. ” “I would recommend this to anyone.” L.R.

Francesca Radbill, principal at Radbill Consulting has been working with individuals and corporations for over 35 years. She was on the forefront of consciousnesss work. She has had the privilege of impacting thousands of people’s lives. Her approach has had a revolutionary impact on her clients. April 9, 2016 1-4 Cost: $149.00 Location: The Common Room, First Parish Church, Sudbury MA