Corporate Services

Radbill Consulting goes beyond coaching individuals and corporations in the traditional sense by creating interactive programs that utilize experiential learning.  This firsthand experience is profoundly impactful because it allows participants to recognize their ineffective patterns of operation and create practices and behaviors consistent with their commitments.  As a result of this awareness, productivity, revenues and retention happen much quicker. RC puts a strong emphasis on open communication and transparency.  To create a culture of trust, employees at all levels must feel they are heard and make a difference.  Although most companies think they have open communication, they actually operate in a subculture of the unspoken.  RC specializes in custom designing programs that use carefully crrafted exercises and interactive discussion allowing participants to experience how they show up individually as well as on a team. Participants are then able to evaluate what is limiting them and their teams. New structures are then put in place. Using communication tools, how individuals previously related within a team is altered resulting in aligned intentions and enhanced productivity.

How it works:

Through self reflection and powerful coaching participants uncover awareness around what limits their ability to fully express a life of greatness. This is followed by an evaluation exercise involving both self and team assessment. New structures of accountability are then put into place on an individual and corporate level. This open discussion alters the way an individual has previously related within the team, creating aligned intentions and leading to the enhancement of overall productivity and results. Lastly, as employees are your most valuable asset, we focus on employee engagement with a laser focus on a corporate culture that energizes, inspires optimal achievement, increases joy and fulfillment, and leads to positive high performance behaviors. Programs are custom designed to cater to each organization’s goals and objectives.