Leadership Development

Leadership is a choice, not a rank.

True leadership goes beyond simply instructing and acting authoritatively. It is developed through awareness, taking risks beyond your comfort zone, listening and effectively communicating. In this Leadership training seminar, you will experience how you show up in a group dynamic and influence your surroundings to continuously make a difference and work towards your commitments.

Power Coaching

This is just what it says,  you will have access to not one, but TWO coaches who have worked with thousands of people individually as well as professionally creating their desired results in life and work.  Weekly topics will be chosen by the participants. Weekly topics will be chosen by the participants, to include:

● Awareness Training
● Informative versus Transformative Learning
● Closing the Gap Standing Between Where You Want to Be
● Elements of Great Leadership
● When to give up on “Looking Good”

“Unleashing leadership brought our team together as a group and unified. I learned from listening to others and was able to look at myself and evaluate where I am at. Fabulous.”

Foundations of Greatness

This seminar is about identifying your foundational story and moving beyond it to living from foundations of greatness.    

Do you know what triggers you? Do you recognize when you create a story based on your past experiences? Do you know how to access non-linear thinking that allows you to reach outside of the box? Do you understand what drives your passions and fulfills your sense of purpose?

This training will teach:

● Awareness around how the past is influencing your present and preventing you from the future you desire.
● How to operate from your commitments
● How to break out of your default characters
● Understanding your identity to allow yourself to play full out and live in your greatness.

Enhanced Team Productivity

An effective team may begin with great leadership, but how each individual works together is crucial to the overall team success. This training will:

● Align intentions and commitments
● Resolve the tough situations
● Replace bad habits
● Instill accountability and integrity
● Break free from fear
● Build trust
● Restore mutual respect
● Create teams within your organization that have the power to achieve beyond imagination.