Here’s what others have said about working with us:

“Francesca inspired me to break out of a rut and gain clarity on what my true passions in life are that drive me to work harder. Through her coaching I was able to become aware of fears and perceptions that were holding me back from getting what I really wanted out of life. Gaining this awareness and the tools to communicate around it has made a world of difference in how I interact both in the workplace and in my personal life and I’m beginning to see the difference of living from my greatness rather than getting stuck in my story.”

–Danielle DeBenedictis

“The first time I met with Francesca, she asked me to write down my desires and goals. When I put them down on paper, they stopped being a crowd of thoughts. They became real and achievable. And through each session Francesca and I worked to achieve them. It started with me changing my attitude and believing that things would happen. They did–not immediately but they did. I wanted a promotion and we strategized and worked through some really trying conditions and I got it.  I have used Francesca several times and gotten several promotions and eventually a new job.”


“The most value I received in the training is being a more vocal leader. At one of the earlier partner only meetings you specifically said to me something about speaking up and not letting people talk over me. To be vocal and share my ideas and thoughts and to speak loudly and clearly so I am heard. It was one of the most valuable lessons for me and something I have thought about all the time since then. I feel it has made me a better leader. Thank you.”


“I am writing today as a strong advocate for these programs and to share how the work has directly caused great results for me both professionally and personally. 

When I started working here two years ago, I enrolled in the Leadership and Communication group program on my second day. I walked in a little intimated. Day two at a new job, knowing none of my peers, having no idea what to expect. I sat down in the class and immediately felt my guard start to drop as we began to discuss the all too real issues of “being in our head” and “fear of failure”. A fierce perfectionist, I was intimately familiar with beating myself up over a deal not going through or labeling myself as a failure when something didn’t go the way I wanted it to. Sitting in a class weekly with peers who felt the same way helped me feel less isolated with my fears and better still, understand these were all just things I was creating in my head. None of them were real and none of them had to define me. 

My colleagues’ candor and willingness to share their own fear of limitations not only helped me to recognize and put  own my own “story”, but it also creates a sense of comraderie on the sales floor. To speak a universal language throughout the firm fosters a unique environment of open communication, ultimately resulting in efficiency and in turn, results. I no longer sit at my desk worrying about bombing a call or tiptoeing around how to approach a prickly situation. I’ve learned to stay in action. When there is a communication breakdown on the sales floor with a colleague, we stick to the facts, have a conversation and move on. When I have a sales call that ends badly, I hang up the phone and keep going. Gone are the days of analysis paralysis. To realize that you do, in fact, create your own destiny is the most powerful sales tool anyone could receive. In two short years I’ve transitioned from an entry-level person in the Industry to a leader within the organization. I directly credit this growth in part to the Leadership and Communication program that Francesca ran. The program has helped me embrace my inner leader, and cause results I never would have even dreamed were possible a couple years ago. I strongly recommend any company to take advantage of these programs within their organization.”